49ers’ Kyle Juszczyk Sheds Light on Friendship With Jimmy Garoppolo: ‘I Didn’t Know When Was the Right Time to Say Something to Him’

Sometimes a bond between two players becomes so strong that it goes beyond the field. One such bond has been created between the two San Francisco 49ers players. Fullback Kyle Juszczyk and quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. 

Juszczyk wanted to take an opportunity to talk about the quarterback for a moment. Jimmy G will be departing from the 49ers soon. The linebacker wanted to thank Garoppolo for everything. On Friday, before the 49ers departed for their Sunday’s first-round NFC playoff game, Juszczyk spoke his heart out for Garoppolo. 

“He’s been my quarterback for five years and I just wanted to let him know how much I appreciated him.” Kyle Juszczyk on Jimmy Garoppolo.

The #49ers locker room loves its QB1.

— Tracy Sandler (@49ersfangirl) January 14, 2022

Kyle Juszczyk praising Jimmy Garoppolo

There was a possibility that the 49ers would not make it to the playoffs. On top of that, they have also decided to trade to No. 3 in the 2021 NFL Draft. It means Jimmy Garoppolo would be their QB for a limited amount of time. Before the 49ers and Jimmy G parted ways, Juszczyk did not want to leave anything unsaid.

“I’d been thinking about it all week, and I didn’t know when was the right time to say something to him,” said linebacker Kyle Juszczyk for Garoppolo. “He’s been my quarterback for five years. And I just wanted to let him know that I appreciated him, and all the ups and downs that we’ve had. He’s been such a pro and such a friend and a great teammate through the whole thing.”

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This was such a heartfelt message by Juszczyk. He thanked the QB for being a good friend on and off the field. Garoppolo has led the 49ers through some rough times. Kyle Juszczyk appreciated all the efforts done by him.

San Francisco 49ers moving forward

It seems like the 49ers will be moving forward with Trey Lance as their main quarterback soon. Kyle Juszczyk believes that Jimmy Garoppolo could be leaving the team soon, so he wanted to give Jimmy one last message.

 The San Francisco 49ers have made it to the playoffs. Their regular season ended with a record of 10-7. In the wild-card round the 49ers are set to face off against the Dallas Cowboys. The game will not be easy, but San Francisco will not go down without a fight.

This could possibly be the very last time we see Kyle Juszczyk and Jimmy Garoppolo play on the same side together.  

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