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This simple Air Fryer Popcorn Rooster recipe is kid-friendly, lighter and more healthy than your typical fast-food model!

Air Fryer Popcorn Rooster

Popcorn rooster is a enjoyable, snackable option to get your protein repair (30 grams per serving!). Initially developed in Taiwan within the 70s after which launched within the US at Kentucky Fried Rooster within the 90s, popcorn rooster is small bites of crunchy rooster you may eat like popcorn. It’s historically deep fried and scrumptious however clearly, not the healthiest possibility on the menu. Making this from scratch is simple and one other wholesome option to get pleasure from air fryer rooster breast. Extra of my favourite air fryer fried rooster recipes are these air fryer rooster nuggets, air fryer rooster tenders, and air fryer rooster sandwiches.


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