Basketball Player Nicknamed “Hair Jordan” as He Displays Michael Jordan Level Skills

Did you know that there is a player with the nickname ‘Hair Jordan’? If not, then yes it is true. Young Ethan Kizer from Illinois has taken the world by storm off late, for either of two reasons. Firstly, he has the game of a potential champion, similar to that of the legendary Michael Jordan. The forward has a fearless game style and a flawless skill set. And if that doesn’t take you aback, his streaky hair surely will.

There is no shame in saying you’d emulate Michael Jordan. A near perfect player in his day, MJ inspired thousands of young stars in the making. With six titles and 14 All-star appearances, he is a certified NBA veteran. If you were to ask the game’s biggest buffs to list their biggest icon of the 90s, Jordan’s name would probably pop up the most. And now, perhaps we will soon bear witness to His Airness’ successor; or in other words, His Hairness.

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WATCH: Michael Jordan doppelganger showcases insane skills

Ethan Kizer is already a top quality small forward. Although his career has just started, he is soaring to new heights every day. Recently, the youngster announced via social media that he has landed a deal with the University of Illinois Chicago. Thus, Kizer will play college basketball; a move that can skyrocket his NBA dreams. And here are some skills that can prove that he has what it takes.


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As seen in the clip, Ethan has the whole range of shots. He knows how to split the defense, and is brilliant from long range too. There are quite a few subtle similarities with Jordan, who was known for his all-round game as well. In addition, with a dunk as smooth as that, there’s no questioning why Kizer has been rated so highly. Not to forget, his silky long hair that adds a glistening touch to his every move. In spite of it being too early, the seed of the league’s next big thing may have already been sown.

In a short period of time, ‘Hair Jordan’ has proven that he’s more than just a nickname. The question that remains to be answered is, whether or not he can sustain as long as his hair, especially when thrown in the deep end!

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