Big 40! Moments That Highlight the Supremacy of 40-Year-Old Serena Williams

American tennis player Serena Williams celebrates her 40th birthday today. As she turns older, we take a look at some of the most incredible moments in her career, both on and off the tennis courts. 

1)  Serena Williams is a 23-time Grand Slam winner

The American superstar has won 23 Majors in her career. She is just one shy away from equalling the great, Margaret Court in order to gain ultimate supremacy.

2)  14 Grand Slam titles in doubles

Williams has been a dominant force in tennis. Besides her dominance in singles, she has been a formidable force in doubles too. 

3) Spent 319 weeks as World No. 1

The 23-time Grand Slam winner in singles has been on top of the WTA rankings for a staggering 319 weeks. 

4) Was the World No. 1 for 186 consecutive weeks

Serena has accomplished so much in the game. Her legacy will remain forever. She held the top spot in rankings for a considerable amount of time. 

5) Oldest player to hold World No. 1 ranking

At the age of 35 years, Williams showcased some of the most brilliant tennis players in her career. In doing so, she earned back the top spot in rankings at quite an unusual age. 

6) 73 WTA singles titles 

With so many interesting statistics to her name, the uniqueness of Serena Williams has helped her win a mammoth 73 WTA titles. 

7) 23 WTA doubles titles

Not many people are aware of the fact Williams would play doubles too. She partnered with her sister in many events. Overall, she has been a part of 23 WTA doubles titles. 

8) 4 Olympic Gold Medals

Serena has been on the Tour for a very long time. She has been part of a number of many Olympic events, In her career so far, she has won four Olympic Gold medals, comprising of singles and doubles. 

9) Closing in on $100 million prize money

With such a high amount of success, the amount of money earned by Williams will surely be high. She happens to be the only female player to come close to $100 million in prize money. 

10) UNICEF ambassador

Over the years, Williams has been a role model for one and all. Her presence has been felt across all societies and she has been an ambassador for UNICEF and played a key role in helping the lesser privileged ones.

11) Second youngest African-American player to win a Grand Slam at 17 years

At the 1999 US Open, Serena did something not many people could’ve done, won the title at the age of just 17 years. 

12) 11-year gap between 1st and 2nd Roland Garros titles

She won her first French Open title in 2002 and after that managed to win her second title after a long 11-year gap. The sheer determination in her guided her to glory.

13) Won 3 Grand Slams after saving match points

She happens to be one of the few players to win a Grand Slam title after saving match points. She did it on three occasions, which highlights the fighting spirit in her

14) Hit 102 aces during Wimbledon Championships in 2012

During the 2012 season, Williams registered 102 aces at the Wimbledon Championships. She was the highest, surpassing players from the men’s and women’s categories.

15) Won 13 hardcourt Grand Slams in singles

The American superstar has won 13 of her 23 Grand Slam titles on hardcourts. These statistics only indicate how strong she was on the surface. 

16) Second player to win a Grand Slam in 3 different decades

After Martina Navratilova, it was Williams who managed to win a Grand Slam title in three different decades. This is a great example showcasing the hunger to be at the top.

17) Longest span between first and last Australian Open titles

The former World No. 1 player won her first title in Melbourne in 2003 and won her last title during the 2017 season, which is incredible.

18) Won 50 matches in all four Grand Slam events 

Another statistic that highlights her consistency is the fact that she has won 50 matches minimum in all the four Grand Slam events that take place in the calendar year.

19) Only female player to complete career Grand Slam after turning 30 years

This is one record which has yet not been matched by any player. The living legend has completed a career Grand Slam after crossing the age of 30 years.

20) Won 7th Wimbledon title in 2016

She won her 7th title at the Wimbledon Championships, making her the most successful female tennis player in the modern era. 

21) First and only woman player to win $12 million prize money in a season

The American legend has been a constant force in tennis. Her dominance has exceeded beyond the tennis courts. She has made a staggering amount of money in a season, $12 million.

22) Won 2012 Olympic gold medal without dropping a set

During the 2012 season, the Olympic Games were conducted in London. Having said that, the event was carried out on the grass courts of the All England Club. Williams won the gold without losing a set.

23) Won 3 gold medals with sister Venus

Over the years, Serena and Venus have dominated the tennis scenes. They have taken part in multiple events. However, not many know that the two have played doubles together successfully. 

24) Oldest player to be World No. 1 at 35 years

There are many great players who have established themselves over the years. However, Williams has continued her dominance till the twilight of her career.

25) The only female player to come repeatedly on Forbes list

Not many sporting personalities in females make it to the Forbes list. Especially in tennis, there are very few athletes who come close. Serena is one of them.

26) In 2014, featured in TIME 100 most influential people

TIME is one of the most reputed magazines in North America. In recent times, Serena has been a real key figure in influencing girls to pick up their racquets and fly past them.

27) Laureus world sportswoman of the year

Laureus is one of the most prestigious awards in the sporting community. Over the years, Williams has received this award due to her splendid performances.

28) After the French Open 2010, she became the winner of all 4 doubles Grand Slams

When Serena won the clay-court Grand Slam event, she not just won an honor, but also managed to complete winning all four Grand Slam events.

29) Won 2017 Australian Open being two months pregnant

Not many people are as unique as Serena. When she was a couple of months pregnant, she still continued to play the event. Serena eventually won the Open.

30) Won 3 Grand Slam events a minimum 6 times

Not many people have been able to win a Grand Slam event on one occasion. Although the thrill of winning the various Major events is different,  Williams will three events on six occasions. 

31) Third player to achieve a career Grand Slam in singles and doubles

Not many people have been as formidable as Serena. The modern-day era players has to take n over the reigns of many players. The former World No. 1 has won a career Grand Slam in singles and doubles. 

32) Won her first title as a mother in Auckland

After Olympia was born, Serena was unable to resume her season soon. However, one of the most dominant players on the Tour won her first title as a mother in Auckland.

33) Wedding in 2017

Williams is married to Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian. In recent times, he has been spotted with their daughter Olympia attending matches.

34) Serena Slam in 2003

Over the years of sheer dominance in tennis, Williams has won Grand Slam titles. However, during the 2003 season, she managed to win the Serena Slam, winning four Majors but not in a calendar year.

35) William sisters in US Open 2001 final 

In tennis history, Serena and Venus have played many matches, some having the highest of stakes. The first time they competed in a high stake event was the US Open 2001.

36) The Fed Cup in 1999

It’s been more than three decades in which Williams has been dominating the scenes. She began her career a long time ago. Her first appearance at the Fed Cup was in 1999 as a 17-year-old. 

37) Played against Roger Federer at Hopman Cup 

During the Hopman Cup a few years ago, Williams played a doubles match, and the star player up against her was Roger Federer. It was the first time they faced each other.

38) The only player to win Wimbledon titles in the same years at the ‘Big 4’

She has won a number of Wimbledon titles. However, each time either of the big four male tennis players won the event, Serena happened to be a champion that season.

39)  Won 2015 Roland Garros when sick

During the 2015 season, there seemed to be no player who could maintain a consistent game against Serena. At the French Open, she happened to win being not fully well.

40) Olympia’s birth

After the birth of her daughter Olympia, Williams has been spotted on numerous occasions with Olympia on the Tour  or other activities.

As she turns 40, fans want to see Serena Williams play more and more. Will he end his career with the most number of Grand Slam titles?

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