EA Reportedly Considering Renaming the Football Title Because FIFA Wants More Money as License Fee

FIFA is one of the most loved video game brands that started way back in 1993. The famous football series is currently selling over a million copies each year since its beginning. However, now, according to some reports, Electronic Arts is considering renaming the highly popular football title. EA shared this surprising news officially last week.

Well, why would anyone want to change the name of such a popular and loved brand? Well, it’s down to a pretty common issue, and that is money as a license fee. The Association wants to double the cost of the license to “over 41 billion for each four-year World Cup cycle”. Well, it might seem a little greedy, but it totally makes sense as the mechanics behind the procedure of moneymaking have changed dramatically over these years.

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The ten-year deal between Electronic Arts and FIFA

According to The New York Times, the deal (ten-year) between Electronic Arts and FIFA is very close to its end. The extension discussions are due to conclude this year. And both the parties are struggling to agree on one deal. According to some gossips on the internet, both the companies are also struggling to come up with a new deal to continue the license. FIFA is now worth more to EA than it was way back in 2021 (at the time of agreement) thanks to ever-increasing Esports events featuring the FIFA video game brand.

Above all, Electronic Arts want to explore other avenues, such as adventurous video game tournaments and some digital products using FIFA license, while FIFA is not ready for this at all. The football association wants to limit the scope of the deal to focus majorly on new opportunities itself.

Right now, EA’s relationship with FIFA is looking really wobbly. The end result might be that there will be no agreement at all. And ultimately, EA re-names one of the most famous video game franchises of all time.

Do you think EA and FIFA will be able to come up with a new deal? Let us know in the comments section below.

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