eFootball: Horrific Launch Will Continue For a While Longer as Major Update is delayed

eFootball 2022 was launched with the hope that Konami would be able to start anew with the new football/soccer simulation game. Replacing the PES franchise, eFootball is a free-to-play football simulation game that was on the verge of giving EA’s FIFA franchise a tough competition. However, they clearly failed to do so with a varied amount of glitches, bugs, and issues that fans and players found hilarious to watch.

Konami has released an apology on Twitter and promised to fix this with their latest patch.

How bad things were for Konami

eFootball 2022 has received several complaints regarding the issues faced by players. Konami received several feedbacks to improve game balance. Passes were too slow and defenses seemed sloppy in the game. The facial expressions seemed either hilarious or terrifying, which made the game the worst-rated game in Steam’s history.

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Konami has issued an apology for these mistakes on their end and promised the new update 0.91 to fix all these persisting issues.

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— eFootball (@play_eFootball) October 22, 2021

Konami definitely took a huge risk with their newly this game, which they expected to kickstart a new era of football simulation games. But players were already unhappy, with a number of features missing right at release. And now, the update has been pushed to November. Hopefully, Konami will fix all the issues.

eFootball: a fresh start for Konami

Konami had been subtly setting the scene for eFootball by passing along the game, making it out like it was a lite version of the previous PES franchise. They were highlighting their intent to make eFootball a reality right after they launched just a DLC for the 2021 season for PES. The 2022 season saw the official launching of the eFootball brand as a free-to-play game.

The game that was supposed to be revolutionary in terms of football simulation games launched with just nine licensed teams, six stadiums, and local and online multiplayer. Konami had promised to rework and revise ball control, shooting, tactics, control, and other aspects with this year’s edition. However, their attempts at fixing the game seem to have failed.

Perhaps November will tell what the future holds for the game.

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