Exciting Leak Suggests Tomb Raider 25th Anniversary Edition Might Be Announced Soon

According to some recent Reddit leaks and rumors, the Tomb Raider 25th Anniversary edition might get an official announcement soon. The Squire Enix UK website lists “Tomb Raider 25th Anniversary” as a product, and Crystal Dynamics celebrated the silver jubilee of Tomb Raider by releasing information on multiple Tomb Raider upcoming projects.

This aforementioned information mentions the much-awaited and exciting Tomb Raider animated Netflix show. But most importantly, they have revealed that a brand new Tomb Raider project is in the early stage of development. However, since the development is in its early stages, the official release is quite far away.

Right now Crystal Dynamics is focusing mainly on this upcoming Tom Raider project as it has no other plans for other major announcements in the future. And fans of the old and new Tomb Raider franchises are pretty happy with this news.

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Animated Netflix show based on Tomb Raider game

In other news, the official Netflix Twitter revealed that a Tom Raider animated series is in development. The social media manager, Megan Marie, further revealed some plot details about the upcoming animated series. dj2Enteratiment is the company behind this animated show as it specializes in making thrilling TV shows and series based on popular video games.

dj2Enteratinment has worked on multiple successful projects such as Sonic the Hedgehog release way back in 2002, Little Nightmare, and Sleeping Dogs.

The video game television market has grown rapidly, mainly in this Covid-19 pandemic situation. A lot of other video game-based shows have been announced recently such as ARK animated series, featuring some really popular faces. This includes Vin Diesel, Russel Crowe, David Tennant, and many more.

The Movie and TV industries are warming up to the idea of making more and more video game-based shows. Hopefully, in the future, we will be able to see a lot more shows based on popular video games.

Are you excited about the 25th Anniversary edition? Also, what do you think about the animated Netflix show? Let us know in the comments section below.

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