Exquisite Watch Establishes Interesting Connection With Bethesda’s Starfield

Bethesda’s Starfield is still nearly ten months away from its anticipated release later this year. However, the rumors and leaks never stop when it comes to the open-world project, and fans also keep discovering new content/items often. In a similar incident, recently, a watch was spotted that might appear in the game upon its launch.

Recently, there were several images found featuring a smartwatch along with a manual. According to the early rumors and theories, the watch is directly based on the upcoming Starfield.

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‘Watch’ out for Starfield!

In case you missed it, it is the same watch showcased in a behind-the-scenes video last year. After the first teaser trailer, Bethesda Softworks released a clip in June 2021: Into the Starfield: The Journey Begins. What’s interesting about this video is that it shows a brief sequence where a box reveals a similar-looking watch, the Chronomark LPV6.

The Chronomark LPV6 smartwatch has its maker in UK-based The Wand Company. Another interesting attention to detail is that the branding on the watch says “Est 2188.” It implies that the maker Chronomark is a firm from the upcoming Starfield title.

On the subreddit for Starfield, the manual for the watch mentioned that it is made for Android devices and will support Bluetooth.

When it comes to The Wand Company, then it has quite a long history with Starfield’s studio Bethesda. The firm worked on past titles like Fallout. For the latter, it made models of several in-game vehicles.

It will be interesting to witness a smartwatch or its company appearing in Starfield. Talking about the game itself, then it saw the first announcement in 2018. But for a long time, Bethesda was silent on the development stages, until the E3 2021.

Starfield is an RPG, which is set in the distant recesses of space and consists of various civilizations. In the story, players will have tons of customization options in terms of character creation and exploring the vast map.

Starfield releases on November 11, 2022 for Xbox Series X and Series S, and PC.

What are your expectations from the awaited Bethesda game? Will you play it on your Xbox console when it eventually arrives? Let us know in the comments section.

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