Fans Troll LeBron James For Simply Wearing Michael Jordan Sneakers

Be it the NBA or the WNBA, the athletes have their individual signature style when it’s about making an entrance in playing arenas. While Liz Cambage might choose to enter with a coffee in her hands, Devin Booker can show up in a gentleman’s suit. But what if someone as huge as LeBron James promotes MJ during his arrival?

After the retirement of Michael Jordan, the world needed someone to obsess over. That’s when LeBron James made his grand entrance and that 2003 Nike deal marked it. Ever since, LBJ has been a threat to the Jordan brand. But that didn’t stop him from recently endorsing his competitors.

LeBron James wearing shoes of his rival brand

Prior to the final preseason 2021 game against the Kings, LeBron James turned the heat upon his arrival. At the Golden 1 Center in Sacramento, LBJ raised eyebrows when he came walking in Air Jordan 2’s. 

The iconic second edition sneakers of the Jordan brand first came out in November 1986. A Bruce Killgore/Peter Moore design, the shoes were released in white/red colorway perhaps as an ode to the Bulls jersey design back then. So when LeBron, after almost 25 years (silver jubilee) of these pairs, wore them, the fans could not hold their excitement.

Enjoy some of the most interesting fan comments that mostly mocked Bron for supporting an MJ line.

Nike: ayo Bron throw these on real quick im tryna see some

Hypebeast SNKRS App later: L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L w L L L L L L L L L


— Im Toxic but i mean well (@iTypeMyMind) October 15, 2021

Lmao riiiiight his stans loyal AF. Because these mfs have NEEEEEEEVER been hyped

— Im Toxic but i mean well (@iTypeMyMind) October 15, 2021

Jordan would never wear Lebron’s

— Greg (@kbadla23) October 15, 2021

This Fit ain’t It I’m sorry shoes tho

— StayFly124 (@JADASTAYFLY) October 15, 2021

Will this really impact the sales of Nike LeBron Hyperbeast? Well, that’s a novice belief. 

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When Michael Jordan praised the L-Train

During an NBA promotional event at Paris Game 2020, MJ had agreed how he holds huge respect for the 4x Champion. He had expressed, “He is an unbelievable player. He’s one of the best players in the world, if not the best.” 

This proved how the two of these stars care less about the narrative that pit them as competitors. So even with the Jordan brand pulling better business than the LeBron signature line, it does not stop the latter from wearing a historic pair of sneakers. And when that helped Bron score his pre-season 2021-high of 30 points, that’s not even close to bad.

So with the competition between Bron’s Nike Air Zoom and MJ’s Mohawk, among others, which sneaker seller stays your favorite? Help us learn in the comments section below.

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