Genshin Impact 2.4 Update: Everything You Need to Know About the Exciting Windtrace Rerun Event

The 2.4 update has added a lot of content for players to enjoy in Genshin Impact. It introduced two new characters, Yun Jin and Shenhe, a new region, Enkanomiya, and new events as well. Overall, the 2.4 update has motivated many veterans to login back into the game and explore the new region, and complete new story quests.

miHoYo has also re-released a very popular event from the past update that is Windtrace. The Windtrace event is more like hide and seek, where one player plays the role of a seeker and has to find the other three users. However, the 2.4 update has added a lot of changes to the Windtrace event and even added new areas. Continue reading to find out the best guide for the Windtrace event.

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The best guide for Windtrace event in Genshin Impact

Players can collect up to 420 primogems from the event and they need at least more than Adventure Rank 20 to take part in the event. First, users have to talk to Katheryne in Mondstadt and then visit Gygax. He is located north of Mondstadt City, in the same location as the event in Version 1.5.

The event is a six-day-long event and you can redeem Windtrace Coins by completing in-game challenges. The maximum amount of Windtrace Coins you can get on Day 1 is 1200, and the limit will increase every day until Day 6 when you reach the final maximum of 6000. Furthermore, you can also check the areas available for this event at the Game Review.

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Back in the 1.5 update, Inazuma was not introduced to the game; therefore, miHoYo has introduced four Inazuma areas in the event with the recent update. There are a total of eight areas in the event: four Inazuma areas, two Mondstadt areas, and two Liyue areas. Although you can’t collect Windtrace Coins by playing in custom with your friends, you can still complete Windtrace Challenges to get more rewards.

Therefore, you can play with your friends and complete Windtrace Challenges simultaneously. Do you still think Mona holds the title of Queen of Windtrace event? Let us know in the comments down below.

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