God of War Rings In Massive Numbers for PlayStation Studio On Steam Debut

PlayStation games have enjoyed a good reception in the last two years when it comes to their debut on Steam as a PC port. While Days Gone, in 2021, didn’t gain huge momentum in terms of engagement, it wasn’t bad by any means. Horizon Zero Dawn, on the other hand, had a stronghold on the platform, gaining a huge playerbase following its initial release. Now, a similar case has been noticed with the latest launch of God of War.

Benji, on Twitter, recently shared a major update regarding Steam and the game. The digital store recorded a peak figure of close to 50k concurrent players for the newly released God of War on PC.

God of War peaked at 49,411 players today on Steam. The second highest yet for a PlayStation Studios game

At least for today Horizon Zero Dawn gets to keep its record as the biggest for PlayStation on PC

Horizon Zero Dawn – 56,557
God of War – 49,411
Days Gone – 27,450 pic.twitter.com/wwO586HLNq

— Benji-Sales (@BenjiSales) January 14, 2022

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God of War almost beats Horizon Zero Dawn on Steam!

For those who don’t know, Horizon Zero Dawn was received with great praise by a whole bunch of players at launch, following its success on PS consoles. When the game arrived on Steam, it peaked with 56,557 concurrent players.

To date, it remains the best figure for a PlayStation exclusive’s release as a PC version on Steam. However, God of War’s latest debut already indicates it will surpass this milestone in no time.

The PC version of God of War amassed 49,411 concurrent players during its peak on Steam (so far). This is massive news for the just-released game on PC. It also implies, as has been mentioned before, that God of War will overtake Horizon Zero Dawn’s peak record very soon. It may have already done it by the time you are reading this article.

All things considered, it’s a positive thing for all Sony in general. Because a good performance of their PC ports on Steam suggests that developers are finding new ways to optimize games on a new platform. Horizon Zero Dawn, Days Gone, and now God of War are great examples that reported no major case of crashes, bugs, or constant glitches.

God of War is now available for PC across the globe. Meanwhile, fans of the franchise are also hyped about its second installment, Ragnarok. The date for the latter, however, is yet to be confirmed by Santa Monica Studio.

What do you think of God of War’s PC port and its overall performance? Have you already tried it on your PC?

Let us know in the comments.

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