Halo Infinite Feature Forces Dr Disrespect to Direct Unbridled Rage at His Controller

Raging streamers make for some of the funniest content available on the internet. Among those names, Dr Disrespect offers the best kind of rage that his compeers cannot simply replicate. Doc has made a name for himself with epic rage moments, which sends his viewers on a laugh riot.

Doc has been known for raging out of his mind on Call of Duty, Battlefield, and other Battle Royale titles. It is the first time that viewers got witnessed the streamer taking on Halo Infinite live on his stream.

video source: The2Time

Even Halo Infinite isn’t safe from Dr Disrespect

In his streaming session of Halo Infinite, Doc experienced some uncanny issues with gameplay that entailed aim assist, crosshair, delays, hit registry, and more. Things never really went the way Doc originally planned, as the ranked players continued their domination. Dry peaking or roaming randomly on the map did not end well for the streamer. Naturally, it led to some insane moments, all cumulating in Doc’s death and he raged out of control.

The 39-year-old streamer talked about the issue of missing aim assistance on controllers that plagues the game. The streamer stated this feature downplays the gaming experience and makes things significantly easier, which a controller user desperately needs. Mouse and keyboard players should only rely on the accuracy of the hardware and aim assistance should never be offered.

However, the streamer feels the same feature is incredibly important for controllers. Halo Infinite has showcased issues with consistently carrying aim assistance.  In his streaming session, he made use of a controller but the title never offered any aid in the gun duels. This contributed as the biggest reason why Doc could not keep his cool on the game anymore and poured all his anger on the controller device.

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” As good as Halo comes off to be, there’s a lot of little things that are adding up, that just makes it like, I mean, what the f**k man, 7 years.”

Do you agree with Doc’s criticism about the game and his issue with the aim assist? Is Halo Infinite the best iteration of the franchise? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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