Halo Infinite Multiplayer Stumbles With Abysmal Beta Launch

Having been in a developmental state for the last few years, Halo Infinite is heading into the first week of its highly anticipated open beta launch. Xbox recently hosted the 20th anniversary of the console and the groundbreaking FPS franchise.

Rumors were running amuck in the community that the American studio might be planning a surprise release. They turned out to be true as the studio unfurled the free-to-play multiplayer title.

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However, the launch did not go according to the developers’ plan as the community highlighted several key issues that continue to plague the game. From the unnerving blue screen of death to malfunctioning servers, 343 Industries need to invest more time to enhance the players’ experience.

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Console players’ experience blue screen of death in Halo Infinite

Halo’s abysmal launch and issues have left a bitter taste in everyone’s mouth. While the fan base that could play the title has positively reacted to the launch, others have pointed at the many issues that bother the game.

One fan has pointed out a key issue, where the game constantly lags and even tosses people out sometimes.

#HaloInfinite Fix. Your game. pic.twitter.com/YeO1j5ubwR

— Michael Leonard Blair (@mkbcodes) November 18, 2021

Meanwhile, other fans have stated that jumping into the game led them to a horrible blue screen of death. The studio hasn’t offered any update, but fellow community members suggested that restarting the game might help.

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Other issues concerning the game

A major report has shed light on issues for PC fans and Steam users, who were getting locked out of the game – either the title crashes on its own or things never work. Few steam users have stated that the title jumps into offline mode and remains stuck. Gamers can access training and weapons drills, but Multiplayer mode remains locked out.

I’m stuck in offline mode, and even things like the armour hall and weapon drills won’t load. Any ideas how to fix it? from halo

The studio hasn’t taken the situation into notice even though fans continue to raise complaints on Reddit threads, Twitter, and other platforms.

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