‘I Don’t Play Myself’: Money Kicks Admits He Stands No Chance Against Floyd Mayweather

To the traditional fight fans, a boxing scrap between Floyd Mayweather and 20-year-old YouTuber Money Kicks might be absolutely baseless. However, the uncanny matchup can generate several views and that’s what both the potential contenders seem to have outlined to be in talks regarding their in-ring affair.

44-year-old Mayweather can take on 20-year-old Money Kicks in February 2022 in Dubai. After facing Logan Paul in June 2021, Mayweather hinted at putting a quell on his exhibition fights. But he is back to making another appearance and this time against a lesser experienced boxer than Logan Paul, i.e. Money Kicks.

Billionaire kid Money Kicks face-timed Logan Paul a few days back to take tips regarding the fight. Paul warned him about getting knocked out in the fight, and ‘Money Kicks’ agreed on it.

‘Money Kicks’ said, “I know that bro, I am not stupid bro. I don’t play myself. He is Floyd Mayweather”

Logan Paul at least had some experience in the sport with his back-to-back fights with KSI. Besides, he stood taller than Mayweather and had a prominent weight advantage to his side. Mone Kicks may not have any of these features and that can end up being an enormous problem for him.

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Five-division world champion Floyd Mayweather needs no introduction when it comes to stating his boxing achievements. Thus, it’s Money Kicks who seems to be in serious trouble if the fight actually takes place this year. However, Money Kicks isn’t shying away from touting his chances. Irrespective of Mayweather’s achievements, he seems unfazed by the thought of battling him in the squared circle.

Money Kicks believes one punch can shatter Floyd Mayweather

Rashed Belhasa aka Money Kicks has grown up amid extreme luxury and richness. He is one of the richest kids all over Dubai and has been close to several celebrities. Floyd Mayweather had also visited Money Kicks four years ago when the YouTuber was on his rise to popularity. While the pair is now in talks to lock horns, Money Kicks revealed why he should be fazed.

In an exclusive interaction with Sky Sports, Belhasa said, “I grew up with lions – I am not scared of any human being.”

“I will never fear any human.”

He also said, “You never know – any punch can land, and I have heavy hands.”

“If he underestimates me? A punch can come. Anything can happen.”

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All these statements can fuel up the fight even better. But Mayweather’s skill set is something Kicks cannot possess in this limited time. Thus, the YouTuber will remain the underdog, which he is already aware of, and that is a bright signal on his end.

What do you make of the fight between Floyd Mayweather and Money Kicks?

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