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I’m going to be recommending low-carb Thanksgiving recipes for the next few weeks, and today it’s Keto Brussels Sprouts Recipes! And this round-up has 20 different ideas for Keto Brussels Sprouts that would be great for a special meal, so don’t make them just for Thanksgiving!

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This year it feels like big Thanksgiving dinners are happening again. And if you asked me what dishes are a Thanksgiving “must-have” side dish, I would say Brussels Sprouts every time.

My family has a few Brussels sprouts avoiders, but any one of these Keto Brussels Sprouts Recipes would be a hit with the family members who do enjoy Brussels sprouts. And I promise, Brussels Sprouts can be delicious when they’re prepared well.

I’m partial to roasted Brussels Sprouts, but other high-heat methods can also produce good results. And of course there is cheese. The combination of Brussels Sprouts + cheese is pretty epic, which is why cheese is included in so many of these Keto Brussels Sprouts recipes.

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