LeBron James Takes Indirect Shots at Kawhi Leonard While Speaking Out Against Load Management

LeBron James has had many miles on his feet on the basketball court. After spending over half his life in the NBA, he has never missed many games. However, there have been hiccups along the way. Last season. James picked up an ankle injury that kept him out for a good part of the season. Now, he spoke about the extent of his injury, and he may have also taken a dig at load management players.

During the end of the regular season. LeBron picked up an ankle injury. It was major for the Lakers as he did not return at his full capacity during the playoffs. Moreover, even Anthony Davis was injured. Hence, they failed to defend their throne, losing in the first round.

Oct 6, 2021; Phoenix, Arizona, USA; Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James prior to the preseason game against the Phoenix Suns at Footprint Center. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Recently, he was questioned about his injury and how he dealt with it. While speaking of the impact, he also revealed his attitude when it comes to playing less minutes.

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LeBron James takes a shot at load management players?

In his interaction over his ankle injury, LeBron revealed how he battled it through the summer. Another question that came up from his injury is him considering sitting out for a part of the season till he heals up. While most would prefer this option, James has a different thinking process,

James said that he doesn’t think about things like injuries while playing. LeBron said, “For one, I don’t play the game thinking about injuries. And also, I feel worse when I play low minutes.”. While it wasn’t clear, this does seem to be a shot at players who prefer to go through load management such as Kawhi Leonard.

Kawhi has made a name for himself when it comes to load management. The main reason behind it is his concern of injuries. Unlike LeBron, Kawhi is injury prone. With the concern of injury always on his mind, he doesn’t want to risk his season. Hence, he decides to sit out games just so his body can recover to 100%.

However, for LeBron James that seems to be out of the question. His attitude doesn’t let him think about injuries as he is always working no matter what. But how did this ankle injury play out for him in the summer?

How did the ‘King’ deal with his ankle injury?

James spoke about how having an injured ankle prevented him from playing basketball for almost 2 months. He said that he couldn’t participate on the court, but he would always be working some way or another.

James said: “The best thing about the summertime is that I had time. I had time to really just give it an opportunity to get ready to where my ankle was ready to go,” James said. “I was always training. I wasn’t on the basketball court, but I was always doing other stuff, training, pushing and seeing things I could do with my ankle until I got to a point where I didn’t feel any sharp pains anymore, and my flexibility was back to where it was before.” 

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With title ambitions at a high this season. do you think LeBron James will be on top once again? Let us know your views in the comments below.

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