“LeCaptain”: NBA Twitter Divided on GOAT Debate as LeBron James Ties Michael Jordan For Most NBA All-Star Votes Record

LeBron James continues to dominate the entire league at the age of 37. He got his 18th All-Star selection in his 19-year career.

LeBron James has missed out on only one All-Star game in his entire career. He missed this one event in his rookie year (2003-04) as the coaches did not shortlist him. LeBron’s streak of being selected as an All-Star started the year after that. As expected, the streak is still well and alive.

In the current season, James was not only voted as a starter but he was also made the captain. Additionally, LeBron also succeeded in grabbing the most All-Star votes of the season. This is a feat he has accomplished nine times in his 19-year career. James has now tied Michael Jordan on his record of being the leading All-Star vote-getter nine times.

Most times leading the All-Star vote overall:

9 — Michael Jordan
9 — LeBron James pic.twitter.com/gVpc6lJue5

— StatMuse (@statmuse) January 28, 2022

NBA adopted the new system of the All-Star game a few years ago. Since LeBron is the leader on the basis of votes, he will be the captain. Ever since this new draft system has come in, ‘Team LeBron’ has had a perfect record of 4-0. LeBron has been the leading vote-getter for the past 4 seasons.

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Twitter reacts to LeBron James tying Michael Jordan’s record 

Most of the players at the top of the league always get hated by some part of the community. LeBron, even at the age of 37 is dominating the entire league. He grabbed the most All-Star votes this season. Now that he has tied with the record of Michael Jordan, fans can’t believe that LeBron has broken yet another record.

Fans have taken to Twitter to hilariously claim that the votes are fake, and have been made by bots.

LeBron used bots tho

— simba (@gxdlxix) January 28, 2022

Now that LeBron is the captain of the All-Star team for the 5th consecutive season, fans have started calling him “LeCaptain”. Another fun nickname for King James.

LeCaptain lol

— Freddy (@elfreddyab) January 28, 2022


A huge part of the NBA community has come to rescue LeBron from the trolls. They have appreciated his greatness and respected the neat feat he has achieved.

Always hilarious to me how Lebron haters try to turn longevity into a bad thing

— Truth Tella (@Tella1Truth) January 28, 2022

However, fans can’t stop comparing James and Jordan. Many people tweeted how it took James 19 years to achieve it, whereas, Jordan did it in 15 years.

Jordan only played 15 seasons

— Curry/Akunmpo fan (@Kc4Tw) January 28, 2022

LeBron James has changed the game forever. He has revolutionized the way Small Forwards play this game. A lot of fans have appreciated James tying Jordan. Records are made so that they can be broken.

LeBron erasing Jordan from the record books lmao LOVE to see it

— (@AndyMPok) January 28, 2022

Most fans realize that James is getting old. This is the time to appreciate and soak in his greatness. James only has a few seasons left in him. We could be looking at a potential retirement soon. This realization makes the fans appreciate him more. Rather than all the hate, fans should be happy knowing that they are witnessing history unfold in front of them.

LeBron is the real GOAT, the biggest factor to this is his longevity. Best ability is availability.

— N1D Sports (@N1DSports) January 28, 2022

Each generation passes the torch to the next. Yes, Jordan was and still is undeniably the greatest of all time. However, what James is doing on the basketball court needs to be respected.

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