Meet Michael Jordan’s Daughter Who Googled Him to Understand Why NBA Fans Are So Obsessed

Michael Jordan is the focus of the documentary series “The Last Dance” which explains every aspect of the Bull’s life, struggle, and journey to success. The documentary covers Jordan’s life and his part as an NBA professional player from over-the-court to off-the-court moments.

Even with such a large fan following and the great support that NBA fans have for Jordan, it is shocking to see how some people are unaware of his enormous popularity and fan following. Among them are Michael Jordan’s own children. Jordan’s daughter explained that she had to Google her father’s popularity in order to know it clearly.

Michael Jordan’s daughter Jasmine; googled her father

In an interview, Michael Jordan’s daughter Jasmine stated that when they were children, they had no idea how famous their father was. When her classmates and teachers discussed basketball and NBA players in front of her, she learned about her father’s popularity. She used to research the story of her father so she could understand why there is such a large community of NBA fans. 

During the Pandemic, the documentary “The last dance” was released. The NBA fandom watched it while the world was shut down by the pandemic, which made it a huge success.

Good Morning America covered the interview where she said that her friends and teachers really appreciate her father’s work and the kind of person he is. She was confused because no one had seen her father personally. This was the reason she googled him for the first time.

Additionally, she described how it was growing up in her family. It was important to her parents that her father was seen as a normal human being. This is something for which she is very grateful.

Michael Jordan’s kids, Jeffrey and Jasmine Jordan, tell @michaelstrahan what it was like to watch @espn’s #TheLastDance. “It’s been a treat to watch.”

— Good Morning America (@GMA) May 18, 2020

Moreover, she explained that watching the series gave her a deeper understanding of her father’s situation and what he has gone through.

“The Last Dance” documents his struggle and the efforts of his team to achieve success. Jeffrey commented that seeing everything up close was eye-opening for all of us.

Michael Jordan and his children

Michael Jordan is one of the greatest players and legends in NBA history, but for his five children, Jasmine (28), Jeffrey (32), Marcus (30), and twins Victoria and Ysabel, both (7), is just a normal father.

The way Jorden raised his children has been so down to earth without making them feel the need for fame and popularity. We’d like to hear your thoughts after listening to this interview.

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