MrBeast Trumps Jake and Logan Paul by a Massive Margin in YouTube’s Biggest Earners of 2021

YouTube is quite a competitive platform for creators and streamers. Creators do the wildest things in order to gain traction and revenue. 2021’s top earners have now been revealed. And it seems like the madly adventurous MrBeast is the highest-paid YouTuber of the year. In fact, he even beat one of the Paul brothers by a huge margin.

MrBeast defeats Paul brothers amongst others

Jimmy Donaldson, better known by his online persona MrBeast, is the YouTuber that has generated the most revenue in 2021. He has earned a whopping $54M through videos of his exploits. He is also affectionately dubbed as “Youtube’s biggest philanthropist.”

YouTube’s Top 10 Earners in 2021:

1⃣@MrBeast: $54M
2⃣@JakePaul: $45M
3⃣@Markiplier: $38M
4⃣@Mythical: $30M
5⃣@UnspeakableGame: $28.5M
6⃣Nastya: $28M
7⃣Ryan Kaji: $27M
8⃣@dudeperfect: $20M
9⃣@LoganPaul: $18M
@Preston: $16M

(via Forbes)

— Mark J. Burns (@markjburns88) January 14, 2022

He is also known for his highly successful philanthropic videos, such as advocating to plant more trees and so on. The YouTuber has had his crazy share of stunts as well.

Through the course of 2021, he has participated in bizarre exploits. Some of them include offering grand amounts of money to anyone daring to sit in a bathtub full of snakes, spending 50 hours buried alive, and even having his own interpretation of the massive hit show Squid Game. He recreated some of the sets from the actual show.

The number two spot is occupied by the highly controversial Jake Paul. He has earned $45M. This can mainly be attributed to his high-profile boxing matches. To add to his rise to fame, he has won all bouts against the fighters he faced.

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Logan Paul has made an appearance on the list as well. He gained a significant $18M. Logan Paul’s high earnings through YouTube can again be attributed to boxing matches. Logan Paul openly challenged the former world champion, Floyd Merryweather, to a boxing match. However, it was an exhibition fight and no clear winner was announced.

It is important to note that these lists do not denote the revenue earned only through views. They also include other sources such as sponsorships, merchandise, NFTs, and more. YouTube, unlike some other entities in the entertainment industry, has witnessed a boom in recent times, and the top creators on the platform continue to thrive.

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