NFL Legend Peyton Manning and Wife Become Donors to Renovate Local Golf Course

NFL Hall of Famer QB Peyton Manning is really enjoying following his passions in golf with great company. After spending nearly 18 seasons in the National Football League, Manning is now investing both his time and money on golf. He along with his wife Ashley Manning was a notable and generous donor in the new Overton Park 9 Memphis golf course. With his generous contributions, the former Colts and Broncos QB is paving an all-encompassing course for future golfers.

Even his former coaches and teammates do recall his mirroring competitiveness in football on the golf course as well. Former Broncos teammate and wideout Brandon Stokley also attests to his focus while playing the game. He does feel that Manning’s inner competitor on the football field has just found an outlet through his passion for golf.

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The 2-time Super Bowl champion has also been in an elite company on the golf course. He has been playing with golf legends like Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson during several charitable games. While talking about golf Manning did state, “kind of a forever game. I enjoy it, always have, from the time I played with my buddies at [the University of] Tennessee to now, when I’m done playing [in the NFL].

Ashley Manning & her husband Peyton Manning are substantial donors that contributed to the renovation of the new OP 9 golf course.⁠ Their generous contribution has guaranteed every aspect of the course, children’s putting green, & short-game practice area was made a reality.

— Overton Park 9 Memphis Golf (@Overton_Links) January 27, 2022

Peyton Manning enjoying life beyond the football field

Despite retiring from playing football, Manning hasn’t completely given up on his smack-talking habits. Former coach Mike Shanahan does recall Manning trying to put off people especially if they did act a little cocky. But he also does concede that he is a fun guy, who does a lot of leg-pulling while competing for every second, every shot.

The NFL legend is swift with the give and take on the course and quickly did learn the rules. He also hasn’t completely forgotten about football and does make appearances on the Manningcast to talk about the game. He with his brother and former player Eli Manning does conduct interviews with modern NFL’s top players. So donating to local charitable programs is always a big part of Manning’s work post-retirement especially if it is golf.

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