North Carolina Country Club Sues MLB Star Wil Myers For a Huge Price

Wil Myers is a professional baseball outfielder for the San Diego Padres of the Major League Baseball. However, in his free time and during the off-season, he is an avid golfer. He and his wife, Margaret, used to play in Charlotte, North Carolina. However, they were unsatisfied with their club due to the increasing crowd and decided to leave.

Next, in April 2020, they joined the Carmel Country Club. However, as covid-19 restrictions were relaxed, crowds that flocked to the courses overwhelmed them. Hence, members like Myers struggled with booking tee times, and that’s where the problem began.

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Wil Myers sued by club, counter-sues them

To become a member, an upfront deposit of $16,000 is required of the $80,000 initiation fee, while the rest is paid on future membership anniversaries. However, in just a few months post joining, by December 2020, the couple resigned on grounds of being ‘misled’ by the club.

According to official court statements, Myers ‘found it almost impossible to find a tee time and frequently could not even use the driving range.‘ However, following their resignation, the Carmel Country Club charged the duo for the remaining initiation fee of $64,000, due by the end of the month. When not adhered to, they sued Myers in March 2021.

Two months later, the MLB star counter-sued the club, claiming ‘misrepresentations and omissions’ on their part. They said that the club hid how difficult it is to get tee time on the course and they failed to mention this during the initiation phase. In retaliation, however, referring to the covid-19 pandemic, the club said it had ‘altered the lifestyles and available leisure activities for all members of the club.’

Meanwhile, the next hearing is scheduled for February 22. Who do you side with? Do you think Myers makes a fair case?

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