Richest Boxer of All Time Floyd Mayweather to Young Boxers: ‘F**k the Money. Your Health Is More Important Than Anything’

Floyd Mayweather has a knack for staying in the news with all of his boxing activities. Even after retirement, ‘TBE’ makes it to the headlines effortlessly, and he is only getting better with the same. For now, Mayweather is enjoying his role as a promoter and he is looking to provide a platform to the best talent.

His promotion company already has some extraordinary boxing names and Mayweather truly dedicates his time to teaching some vital lessons to these young guns. Also, Mayweather’s teachings aren’t just restricted to the boxing space, but he also sheds light on health, money, and more such subjects.

Recently, ‘Pretty Boy’ spoke about money and health while sending a message to young boxers.

He said, “The name of the game is boxing. The name of the game is not slugging because when the fight game is over, when boxing is all over, you hang it up like me. You still want to be able to have your faculties.”

Floyd Mayweather gives to advice a young fighter: “F*** the money, your health is more important than anything.”

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— Michael Benson (@MichaelBensonn) December 6, 2021

“Still want to get out your brain. That’s more important than anything. F**k the money. Your health is more important than anything. The name of the game is to hit and not get hit. And I was the best at doing it, and I’m gonna continue to teach these young fighters,” he added.

Mayweather reportedly earned billions of dollars with his boxing outings. Yet, he knows the importance of health over an extensive amount of money. That said, in his above statement, he seemed extremely blunt on choosing health over money.

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Floyd Mayweather  – A straightforward bigwig

The 50-0 boxer never comes up with statements for the sake of the camera or captivating attention in the wrong way. He always looks to share his honest notions about any and every matter he wishes to speak about.

TOKYO, JAPAN – NOVEMBER 05: Floyd Mayweather Jr. attends the press conference to announce the match on December 31 at Roppongi Hills club on November 5, 2018 in Tokyo, Japan. (Photo by Jun Sato/WireImage)

That said, regardless of anything, Mayweather stays transparent. This is what separates him from the rest of the names in the business. He remains straightforward.

What do you make of Mayweather’s above comments? Were you surprised by whatever ‘TBE’ said?

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