Rumblings of Nickmercs Moving to YouTube Gaming Gain Speed as Twitch Contract Winds Down

Something massive is about to take place within the streaming ecosystem. Not so long ago, it was brought to light that Twitch’s biggest stars, DrLupo and TimTheTatman, were going to jump ship to join Dr Disrespect in YouTube Gaming. Now, more information from within the grapevines of the internet suggests Nickmercs will follow suit soon.

If these reports turn out to be true, then the four horsemen of Twitch in Dr Disrespect, Tim, DrLupo, and now Nick will finally be reunited.

Earlier in the month, a popular Esports channel, Esports Talk shed light on Nickmercs’s comment about his future. The streamer clarified that he just signed one of the biggest contracts of his life but didn’t reveal more information.

“I signed a big, big contract man, a f*****g one bro. I signed, I signed a beefer, and it’s good man, it’s all great things. You guys are going to love it, you know? I can’t, I can’t talk, I just can’t go over the details yet, but soon, trust soon, you know, big year.”

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video source:  Esports Talk

Following DrLupo, and TimTheTatman, Nickmercs might jump To YouTube Gaming Next

More insider reports from Talk Esports’host, Jake Lucky might be hinting at another massive switch. Nick pulls in a massive number of fans to his stream. If these reports turn into reality, then Twitch might be looking at another massive loss.

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This next week is going to be HUGE

— Jake Lucky (@JakeSucky) September 17, 2021

The popular streamer has been routinely streaming for well over a decade. In his long tenure, the streamer has competed as a professional Esports player and content creator. He is now one of the most renowned streamers in the industry and of FaZe clan. The famous streamer joined the organization as a content creator and he has now become one of the co-owners.

The streamer has already stated that the next move is going to be one of the biggest in his career. Judging by the recent transfers and YouTube’s willingness to sign big names, Nickmercs might be the next big streamer to abandon Twitch.

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