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Level up the scalloped potatoes with this smoky Scalloped Potato Roll – that’s scalloped potatoes, brushed with a smoky bacony marinade, baked then rolled up with a savory lentil sausage filling! So delicious! Glutenfree Nutfree recipe

My assistant Dalana is quite creative with  presentation of foods she likes and she happens to love scalloped potatoes.  If you have not tried them, here’s my vegan scalloped potatoes recipe prepared the classic way.

Some days we chat and bounce off ideas or discuss things we saw somewhere and how we would veganize it. And that’s how talked about a rolled-up potato breakfast and we ended up making these scalloped potato rolls filled with a sausagey lentil filling. Oh my, so delicious. Wait did I tell you that we brush a smoky bacon-ish marinade all over the potatoes! Yes! If you want to elevate your scalloped potatoes, this is it!

Make this as savory breakfast or a side for the holiday table!

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