Square Enix Gives Promising Update on Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker Following Recent Struggles

The popular 2021 release Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker is all set to return to the market. It’s been a while since the developer Square Enix launched this fourth DLC story expansion for the Final Fantasy XIV. And ever since, this game has witnessed a massive rise in popularity.

Unfortunately, the devs had to freeze the game’s sales because a lot of players around the world were experiencing problems. The game’s servers weren’t able to handle the enormous traffic. A lot of players around the globe trying to play at the same time resulted in longer waiting times.

So in order to counter this issue, the devs had no other option to freeze its sales. But soon the fans will again be able to enjoy playing this iconic game.


This news is all everyone is talking about. When the developer Square Enix made some announcements regarding this game on the Final Fantasy XIV’s official website. The devs are all set to resume the digital sales on the 25th of Jan 2022 at 5:00 p.m. (JST). This means that 11 days from now, the game will available to players once again.

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Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker free trials and server expansions

There’s more good news. The devs will also resume the game’s registration for the free trials. When it comes to the game’s free trials registration, the devs haven’t announced a date. It’s because the devs will first monitor the game’s server stability and then make any further decisions. In fact, the devs have also apologized to the fans for all the inconvenience they have faced due to server issues.


The reason behind the server expansion delays seems to be the worldwide semiconductor shortage.

Hopefully, the servers will no longer be a problem soon. The game itself is pretty good, as indicated by the heavy traffic the servers struggled to deal with. And as more time goes by, the game is likely to become even more popular.

Do you think the server issues will be gone when the game is available again? Let us know in the comments section below.

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