The Little Known NFL Career of WWE Legend Goldberg

Goldberg is one of the most successful wrestlers in WWE. The WWE legend has impressed many with his power and in-ring abilities. Fans absolutely adore him and that is the reason they still jump off their seats whenever Goldberg gets in the ring. But did you know what Goldberg was doing before he stepped into the world of professional wrestling?

The former WWE Universal Champion played professional football in his early days. Like many other superstars, he took part in the NFL before getting into the wrestling world.

The Los Angeles Rams picked Goldberg in the 11th round during the 1990 NFL draft. Before that, he also played for the University of Georgia Bulldogs football team as a defensive tackle.

But the Los Angeles Rams was not the only team in the NFL which picked Goldberg. Later on, he made appearances for the Atlanta Falcons as well.

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Goldberg’s career at the Atlanta Falcons

Even though Goldberg got selected by the Los Angeles Rams, he didn’t make it through after the training camp. But following his stint with the Sacramento Gold Miners in the CFL, the former WWE Universal Champion burst onto the scenes in the NFL after joining the Atlanta Falcons.

In his NFL career, he made 14 appearances and started only once. But all those appearances were for the Atlanta Falcons.

However, unfortunately for Goldberg, he tore the abdomen of his pelvis during a match. That incident was a major setback in his NFL career. Soon after, the Atlanta Falcons released the WWE superstar.

Goldberg still made the last attempt as he got selected by the Carolina Panthers in the 1995 NFL expansion draft. But sadly, he made no appearance for them.

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The Atlanta Falcons’ players saved Goldberg from The NWO

In 1998, Goldberg defeated Hulk Hogan for the WCW Championship in the Georgia Dome. But the most interesting part of that night took place behind the cameras. After WCW went off the air, The NWO attacked Goldberg.

Speaking to Talk’n Shop, Goldberg revealed the Atlanta Falcons’ players saved him that night. He said, “When we went off the air, the NWO beat the shit out of me. Who came to my aid but the Atlanta Falcons.”

“For me to hang out in the corner and guys like Jessie Tuggle, Cornelius Bennett, Chuck Smith, Jamal Anderson, and guy after guy who I admired and wanted to be like; for that one minute or five minutes, those dudes didn’t care about a damn thing but being me and being in the ring and wrestling.” (h/t: Fightful)

Goldberg even claimed this moment to be the coolest thing that has ever happened to him other than marrying his wife and giving birth to his child. The former WWE Universal Champion added, “Other than marrying my wife and the birth of my boy, it was the coolest thing ever because I could sit back and say, ‘My hard work is paying off.’”

Goldberg is still working with WWE as he continues to gift some memorable matches to please his fans. They involved the WWE legend in a heated feud with Bobby Lashley, as things got very personal between them. But it was Goldberg who came out on top when the two met in a No Holds Barred Match at the Crown Jewel PPV.


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