This Body weight and Band Exercise will Blast Your Core and Higher Physique

It may appear as if it’s not potential to get a stable exercise with only a band, however constructing a stronger physique doesn’t all the time require heavy dumbbells or a health club membership. Your band exercise will likely be as intense as you need it to be.

That is the place incorporating body-weight strikes, high-intensity interval coaching, and bands collectively can take your exercise to the following stage, alongside together with your physique.

HIIT-ing fats out of the park

Whereas there’s no coaching technique that may spot-reduce particular areas of fats in your physique, high-intensity interval coaching is understood for shedding off undesirable fats, general. Based on Tiffany Lee Gaston, an creator and health professional with greater than 25 years of expertise, “HIIT is extraordinarily useful at tapping into the physique’s fats reserves as a result of whereas we don’t ‘spot scale back,’ the general consequence advantages the physique in entirety; because it doesn’t discriminate.”

That is the results of the impact that HIIT has on the physique as an entire, each throughout and after coaching. “One purpose HIIT is of utmost worth is as a result of “afterburn” by which we proceed to annihilate fats and energy far after the coaching has ended,” says Gaston. This is because of extra post-exercise oxygen consumption, or EPOC. “This response permits us to proceed to burn energy because it regulates you again into your our bodies’ regular resting state,” she provides. As soon as once more, providing you with extra bang to your buck!

Construct all of it with bands

Construct endurance, lean muscle, lung energy, and extra with resistance bands. No, actually, they’re that good! Right here’s how: Resistance bands place fixed rigidity in your muscle mass all through the complete vary of movement of an train, as the place free weights don’t as a result of lack of gravity.

Not solely is there extra time below rigidity when utilizing bands, which is improbable for constructing lean muscle, when heading straight right into a body-weight transfer with out a lot relaxation in between strikes, is a surefire solution to take your coaching up a notch. “Much less relaxation and extra work in the course of the motion results in higher energy and conditioning features general,” provides Gaston.

As well as, the fixed rigidity from resistance bands supply a component of required stabilization out of your physique to take care of kind throughout every train, working not solely the focused muscle group, however your whole core as properly. High it off with a lesser likelihood of damage as a result of decrease quantity of drive on the joints, which implies extra stimulus is supplied to the muscle mass which implies much less likelihood of damage.

Now it’s time to get to work!

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The Body weight and Band Exercise


One resistance band! Select a stage band in which you’ll be able to accomplish the next rep vary however one which doesn’t really feel straightforward. You need to really feel the “burn” and must work for the previous few reps.

(Tip to discovering the fitting band resistance: By the twentieth rep, you’ll undoubtedly really feel the burn.)

Train Mat – for padding when wanted


Carry out 15 to twenty reps for every upper-body and belly train. Maintain the plank for 30 seconds.

Repeat every circuit twice, then relaxation for 1 minute.


To make this exercise extra intense, merely shorten the remainder instances or add extra reps. To reduce the depth, both lengthen the remainder instances or intention for one set of workouts as a substitute of two.


Circuit 1

Maridav / Shutterstock

Resisted pushup with a band (modify by inserting knees on the ground)
Belly V-Up
Plank (30-second maintain)
Repeat x2
REST 1 Minute


Circuit 2

Andrey_Popov / Shutterstock

Seated row with band
Full situp
Plank (30-second maintain)
Repeat x 2
REST 1 Minute


Circuit 3


Mendacity Leg Raise
Seated triceps extension with band
Plank (30-second maintain)
Repeat x 2
REST 1 minute


Circuit 4


Scissor kicks
Shoulder press with band
Plank (30-second maintain)
Repeat x 2
REST 1 minute


Circuit 5

Halfpoint / Shutterstock

Seated biceps curl
Plank (30-second maintain)

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