‘Unhappy’: Fresh Reports Suggest the Brooklyn Nets Front Office Never Really Trusted Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving is undoubtedly a Hall of Fame caliber athlete. However, if a team, take the Brooklyn Nets, relies too much on him, it would not be a wise investment. This, because Ky is like that wonderful stock that promises high returns but comes at a great risk. No one better than Joseph C. Tsai, a billionaire businessman and the Nets owner understands this. 

In the past few weeks, the hiatus surrounding Kyrie has only gone from bad to worse. As a result, the Nets are yet again unable to play their Big Three together. But is it that the Brooklyn-based organization already saw this coming? 

The Brooklyn Nets were prepared for the uncertainties involving Kyrie Irving

As per a source, the Brooklyn Nets owner, Hong-Kong Canadian Joseph Tsai, was prepared in advance for one such situation. In fact, his sole reason behind giving the James Harden trade a green flag had a lot to do with Kyrie Irving and his instability. 

Joseph took the leadership position in Brooklyn the same year when Kyrie and Kevin Durant joined the organization. He saw first hand how Kyrie’s return after his injury was filled with controversies.

Sources explained last year that Tsai was unhappy during Kyrie Irving’s hiatus in the 2020-21 season.

Thus, trading for James Harden not only assured a superteam, but provided insurance in the event Kyrie wasn’t available — no matter what the reasons were/are.

— Anthony Puccio (@APOOCH) October 12, 2021

Last year, the 7x All-Star missed 18 regular-season games and many of them, for no reason whatsoever. In the beginning, he created a stir by declining to give media interviews and then faced a health & safety protocol issue. All this confirmed to a wise Tsai that he must have a back-up plan.

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So what’s next from here?

The Nets organization could have allowed the 1x NBA Champion to play the road games, but they chose against it. So currently, he can not even join the Nets for practice, let alone play the games.

Nets coach Steve Nash had already accepted that they’re planning the season as if they won’t have a player named Kyrie on the playing roster. So even if Kevin Durant wants Kyrie to be with the squad, chances are slim that his return is anywhere near. 

This looks like a total bottleneck situation with Ky and the Nets. It looks like the controversial star only has those outdoor practices to join now. What do you think about the whole situation? Help us know in the comments below.

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