Valkyrae Reveals New YouTube Milestones Along With Her Sister

Popular YouTuber and streamer of the year, Rachel “Valkyrae ” Hofstetter achieved another milestone in her career. The Youtuber currently runs through multiple channels and posts routine content. Her main channel boasts a fan following of 3.57 million followers while her secondary channel has also reached an important milestone.

Rae’s secondary channel, ValkyraeShorts just crossed 100k subscribers, which has now earned her sliver pay button. The stream also featured Rae’s sister KCLYNMarie.

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video source: Valkyrae

Valkyrae has just reached an incredible milestone

The 29-year-old stream has definitely made it big in the streaming world. Her journey has been nothing short of Cinderella’s story, which can be shared to inspire the younger generation to chase their dreams. The streamer has a massive fan-following of millions across YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and so on.

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In her unprecedented rise to the top, the streamer has seen the highest highs and lowest lows. Her move from Twitch to YouTube Gaming wasn’t an easy transition. She bet her entire career on the nascent platform, which is centered around sharing pre-recorded short videos. Streaming is a modern concept, which YouTube is now trying to acclimatize with. This opened doorways to uncertainty, but Rae seemed confident in her decision. Indeed, she faced a tough time building a brand new audience, but her hard work paid off in the end.

Among Us bolstered the careers of many streamers and also created new stars. The modern landscape of streaming would not have been the same if Among Us didn’t exist. The outbreak of the unfortunate virus sealed the world, but the game brought the entire world back inside.

This set the stage for content creators and streamers to take the centre stage. The era of Among Us may have started during the pandemic, but it created many superstars that the world can now cherish. Rae also became one of the co-founders of 100Thieves alongside CouRageJD. She has been making big moves in recent times, and is one of the superstars of the modern era.

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