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This Vegan Snickers Baked Oatmeal recipe will be your new favorite breakfast! It takes only minutes of prep time and tastes like your favorite chocolate bar! Sweet, nutty, caramelly – the best way to start the day. Glutenfree, Soyfree. Nutfree option

Snickers Baked Oatmeal! YOU GUYS, You’ll love this oatmeal!. This is a breakfast treat that is decadent, delicious, perfectly sweet, and tastes like you’re eating dessert for breakfast. What’s not to love!

You can bring this to a potluck, brunch party, or make it for the holidays. You can even pack it into your kid’s school lunch or take some to the office. A few seconds in the microwave and that chocolate will get all melty and delish again.

I’ve been making 1 Pan baked oatmeals for years since before it was a tik tok trend. They always use just 1 pan and not all are banana. Yup we’ve got some savory baked oatmeal too!

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This oatmeal is absolutely delicious when reheated and tastes good for days after you make it. If you are a lovers of all things snickers, you have to try this! To make this without peanut, use cashews or use a mix of sunflower seeds and hemp seeds

Why you’ll love this peanut chocolate baked oatmeal

Few ingredients and 1 pan
has the favorite flavors like a snickers bar!
baked oatmeal means no mushy oats!
it’s gluten-free and soy free
it can be made without nuts
it can be made ahead and is shelf stable for the day and easily transportable
it has no added oil or refined sugar.

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