What guides return to play after groin ache?


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Most athletes we see in clinic share a common goal – they want to get back to their sport and keep doing what they love. This is why planning this return is important to ensure it’s successful and reduce the likelihood or re-injury.

There are several aspects to this:

  • Pain severity and irritability
  • Stage of injury/ pathology
  • Strength, control, flexibility and plyometric capabilities
  • Exposure to sport specific activities and how well they are tolerated
  • Risk v reward – athletes may choose to take risks and return more quickly if the reward is competing in a key event that’s important to them

New research (Vergani et al. 2022) has examined return to play with long-standing groin pain. Being the big geek that I am I thought this was a good opportunity to explore this research and how to plan return to sport in a new video for you (below).

In this video I discuss key tests, the role of imaging, considerations for runners with groin pain and lots more!…

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