What Is the New ‘Whitelist Failure’ Error That Has Call of Duty Warzone Fans Scratching Their Heads?

The bothersome situation within Call of Duty Warzone remains unchanged as the title runs into hurdle after hurdle. The horrid reception of the new Pacific Map saw the fans calling out Raven Software. The new map was totally broken and riddled with so many bugs that it turned the gamers away.

Moreover, the release of kernel-level anti-cheat Ricochet has also produced new problems. Players have reportedly been kicked out of the servers despite playing fair and clean. The bug throws the player into limbo with the random “Whitelist Failure” error.

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BREAKING – A new error that mentions “WHITELIST FAILURE” is appearing for players attempting to play #Warzone. pic.twitter.com/yLqtpnTPeB

— ModernWarzone (@ModernWarzone) January 13, 2022

What is actually going with Call of Duty Warzone servers?

The community speculates that the players who have incurred bans and have suffered IP bans are being targeted. Legitimate players will not be facing this error, but the theory has fallen flat as more reports continue to surface. Players have claimed that after restarting the game a few times, the title resumes to normalcy, allowing players to log in.

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More explanation from charlieIntel, states that it is indeed a bug and is appearing randomly. The new servers are designed to only allow ‘whitelisted’ players to hop in, while untrusted gamers will be locked out. It is also being said that only players of certain regions are facing the issue that is causing them to be kicked out, as the issue also applies to custom lobbies.

Some have claimed this is due to IP bans. Although IP bans are ineffective, this error seems to be a bug as players are able to get past this login error after a couple restarts. – @MavriqGG @charlieINTEL has also offered an explanation for the error in a reply on this thread. pic.twitter.com/reipvUEeoG

— ModernWarzone (@ModernWarzone) January 13, 2022

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According to a report by PiunikaWeb, the servers actually offer two layers of ‘whitelist’ that allow players to jump into the game. Pro players like Swag, HusKerrs, and more who get reported more often will play on different servers. Meanwhile, the other layer of the Whitelist will allow players to host custom private lobbies, tournaments, and more. It will keep the uninvited guests out of the servers and present the new ‘whitelist’ error.

Fixing this issue is also quite simple, as players will only have to restart the game client a couple of times to resolve it. In certain cases, fans have re-downloaded the entire game to fix the problem.

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