While Apple Has Still Banned Fortnite From iOS, Samsung Seems to Be Taking Full Advantage of It

Apple and Epic Games have been butting heads with each other in the court of law. The issue came into being over profit-sharing, which snowballed into a full-fledged lawsuit. This legal battle saw Fortnite being banned from iOS devices, while Samsung is actively trying to strengthen its ties with Epic Games. More information from within the community suggests that the Epic Games and Samsung might come up with a unique crossover.

It seems like the electronic giant is trying to capitalize on the opportunity as the title continues to grow each season.

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Fortnite leaks point at a potential crossover with Samsung

As per the latest report from ATOF, Epic Games might roll out yet another fantastic character skin. Leaks from within the community state that the new skin is going to go by the name ‘Event Horizon’.

The tweets come from a prominent leaker of the title IFiremonkey, and he also posted images of the entire bundle. The images revealed a fantastic character skin that portrays the entire galaxy. Moreover, the bundle also offers a unique glider, pickaxe, and more than it fits right into the current theme of the game.

The duo already collaborated with one another back at the end, where an amazing character outfit was offered as a reward for winning the cup. It is quite possible that Epic Games will take the same route for this upcoming outfit by attaching it with the weekly tournament.

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Based on the recent teases by Samsungs social media accounts, the Event Horizon set might be an upcoming Fortnite x Samsung collaboration.

Despite having assets for the shop; the Pickaxe has the source of “Event”, and the Skin/Backbling don’t have a source at all. pic.twitter.com/lyF6UqQTQB

— iFireMonkey (@iFireMonkey) August 19, 2021

In other news, Fortnite is actively teasing a massive season finale event. The studio rolled out an incredible in-game concert featuring iconic pop singer Ariana Grande. The massive event teased the return of a rather interesting character in Kevin the Cube, who could be rumored to play a key role in the game. The community has already uncovered leaks that states Season 7 is going to end with a live event.

This event will feature every prominent DC character that has been added to the game. Among the roster of DC Comics’ heroes, Superman and Batman will play a key role in the event. Batman is currently busy unraveling the rift, while Superman is rumored to fight against the aliens in the finale.

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