YouTuber Responsible For Stunning Zelda: Breath Of the Wild Mods Faces Heat From Nintendo

Modding can sometimes come in the way of developers trying to build their game the way they deem fit. In this case, Nintendo laid out an attack on Zelda Breath of the wild Modder Waikuteru for breaching its policies. The YouTuber runs a famous Zelda-themed channel with nearly 20k subscribers.

The YouTuber has been making modded content related to the game ever since it came out, but it looks like their time on the platform could come to a close soon.

The YouTuber has reported that nearly 40 videos from his channel were struck down and removed from the platform. They fear the complete removal of their channel and are desperately trying to keep it afloat with the help of the community over discord.

As reported by Nintendolife, here’s what the YouTuber had to say:

“Nintendo attacked my channel and took down 40 videos so far. If this continues, the channel will be blank within a week. I know that a lot of you guys like mods, hence the subscription. There is only one way to change the termination of Nintendo mods and that is to convince Nintendo with a large number of people to change their mind. The goal is to gather that many people together that Nintendo has to listen to us.” 

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video source: Waikuteru

Nintendo has been facing a backlash from the community

The Japanese game development studio has made things a lot more difficult for itself. The recent attack against innocent Zelda modder, the dicey expansion pack reveal have all impacted the community. Gamers aren’t happy with the new prices for the expansion pack and are calling the increase in price a greedy move. The studio is also offering Animal Crossing’s DLC expansion with the new service, but the situation hasn’t improved at all.

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Modding is usually a helpful thing that allows any game to become more lucrative. It offers more content and new things for the players to dabble with that allows the title to remain in the spotlight. Most studios do not find anything harmful with mods, but instead, they welcome them as it sometimes offers a solution to certain issues that even creators fail to resolve.

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